Why I think that writing blog posts are a good idea…

Wednesday February 12th, 2014!

If you haven’t heard of the word “blog” then you have some serious catching up to do. In my opinion I think that blog posts are a great idea to have because it lets people know what your personal opinions are so they can compare what you have been writing to what they have been writing. Also another reason why people should have blogs is because there quick and easy, can’t lose them, and they are more eco-friendly. Blogs are also cheap and a very effective way to reach your target audiences. But most importantly they are a great source for students to have in schools so they can’t say  ” I lost my work. ” So that’s why I think that blogs are a good idea to have.

By: Olivia Fenwick:)

Rising C02 levels since 2005

Thursday May, 23rd

In my class I am researching about Rising C02 Levels since 2005. The Rising C02 levels in April 2013 were 398.35 ppm. Global warming is mainly the result of CO2 levels rising in the Earth’s atmosphere. Climate scientists say we have years, not decades, to stabilize CO2 and other greenhouse gases. The present level is higher than any time during the last 800,000 years, and likely higher than in the past 20 millions years. The increase is largely attributed to anthropocentric sources. COis an important component of Earth’s atmosphere because it absorbs and emits infared radiation, (Playing a role with plants).


Jeremy Dias

Tuesday April 16th, 2013

On Wednesday April 17th my class and I are going to see Jeremy Dias speak about his experiences with bullying and how he came so far and is so positive to this day.

Jeremy Dias was born in Edmonton, Alberta until he moved to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, which is where he attended high school. When Jeremy was in high school he started and lead a bunch of clubs including “Stop Racism” and “Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving.”

I think Jeremy Dias is making a difference in this world because he was bullied for being gay and didn’t let it get to him and he was being made fun for having a different colored skin tone.

Personally I think people who make fun of people are totally rude and disrespectful and have no idea what they are saying and how it makes people actually feel inside. So think before you speak because it can really hurt somebody and if you keep on saying it to a person they may actually start to believe it.

Has Hitler Affected My Life?

Monday April 8th, 2013

Sometimes, I do think Hitler has changed my life. But then again it’s not something I really think about on a regular basses. But I guess he kinda has because whenever we learn about history and wars in class Hitler comes to my mind. Not sure why but he does because he started the holocaust and killed a bunch of helpless people that didn’t deserve to die.

The New Ontario’s Premier

Thursday March 28th, 2013




Kathleen Wynne has demonstrated leadership, energy, and an ability to bring opposing sides to the table to find real, creative solutions to complex challenges. One of her many hobbies are bringing people together that have things in common. Since she is a professional mediator she ran small business for 10 years. She also taught mediation in schools across Ontario. Kathleen has three children, Chris, Jessie and Maggie, and two granddaughters, Olivia and Claire. Kathleen and her partner Jane have lived in North Toronto for more that twenty- five years. So as you can see she is a wonderful women.


By: Olivia Fenwick


Stompin Tom

Monday March 25th, 2013







Stompin Tom Conner’s was born on Febuary 9th, 1936, Saint John. He died in his hometown, Halton Hills. Before he died his last album was ” A Proud Canadian. ”    A couple years ago Stompin Tom was given an award at the Juno’s and he refused to have it because too many awards were given to Canadians who performed mostly in the USA. He also wrote some music that was played as the theme song on the CBC market place. One of his songs was very famous and it was called ” The Hockey Song. ” It was a  very popular song that was played at a lot of  hockey games in the NHL. (National Hockey League)


By: Olivia Fenwick





Sponge-Bob Square-Pants

Monday March, 25th, 2013


Today i am going to write about a t.v. show called Sponge-Bob Square-Pants. This is a show most kids should know about. It’s been around for quit a while. I’m pretty sure iv’e seen every episode. So the main characters in this show are… Sponge Bob, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Plankton, Mr. Krab’s, Gary the snail, and Squidward. There are many other characters but these are the main characters that are mostly in every episode.

Sponge-Bob Square- Pants – He is mostly happy but sometimes he is sad.

Gary the Snail – Gary is Sponge-bobs pet snail.

Patrick the Star – Patrick is Sponge-bobs best friend.

Sandy Cheeks – Sandy and Sponge-bob do karate together.

Mr. Krab’s – Mr. Krab’s is Sponge-bobs boss at “The Krusty Krab.”

Plankton – Plankton’s dream is to get the Krabby Patty Recipe.

Squidward – Squidward doesn’t really like Sponge-bob and Patrick. But Squidward loves his clarinet.



By: Olivia Fenwick

Time Traveling… :o

Monday March 25th, 2013


If i ever had the chance to time travel i would travel back in time to the day i was born and the day my mom and dad met. I would travel to these time periods because that was the day i was born and if my mom and dad would of never met my brother and  i wouldn’t be here today… Their first date was when they went to the movies, they were supposed to go to the drive in but i was pouring rain. What a good first date that was, aha. I love my mom and dad.


Drama Llama’s Blog…

Monday December 3rd, 2012!


Today i am writing a blog post on another blog post that i found… This particular blog is very touching and really sad in some parts. The three girls that write this blog are Hope, Faith, and Destiny. They write about there own life story’s and they also write about self harm and there friends and really touching and sad story’s. Some of there recent blog post’s are… Blessings,Drugs, and Dear Savior. Very good but as i said before sad blog’s. I found that Faith and Destiny write a lot about there life that is really sad, and i bet you if they could change one thing… That thing would be to have a wonderful life and take back every bad thing they did to harm there own body. The Drama Llamas blog is very depressing and touching, and they have a hard tough life, so next time your about to say something to them or someone else who has a life like that. Think twice because words hurt, a lot.

When i read this blog thing’s i liked about it were how they shared there emotions and spoke the truth and gave other people advice who have a life that’s similar to there life.

But there were some things i didn’t like… Which were they always wrote sad things and things that made there live horrible, maybe that’s all they had to write about, because maybe all there life has been horrible and hard. But i just hope that one day there will be a happy blog with a smile face in it. 🙂

I would recommend this blog to a type of person who likes sad and kinda scary things in life, and things about depression and heart felt stories that are true. But if your like me you will think… ” I wish i could have a life like there’s for a day and see how much pain there in all the time”. And put there life in mine so they could have a day of happiness and not worry about anything sad,scary, and heart felt thing’s.

P.S… So before you say stuff think because words really do hurt… A LOT! And they can lead to thing’s that you will not want to happen. <3





By: Olivia Fenwick<3