Sand Tiger Shark!

Monday November 26th, 2012! Today for my blog i am writing about a shark called the ” Sand Tiger Shark. ” This kind of shark adjusts its buoyancy by gulping and burping air. When people think of sharks this is the kind of shark that pops in there mind, well most of the time because it has sharp sharp teeth and devil eyes. Although sand tigers can eat just about anything they want (and swallow it whole), like most sharks, they are not known to attack humans. Most reliable records for this species give a maximum total length of 10.5 feet. The maximum weight is about 350 pounds. So they are big. Commercial and sport fisheries take a heavy toll on sand tiger sharks. The meat is sold fresh, frozen, smoked, dried, and for fishmeal. The liver is used for oil, fins are dried for the shark fin trade, and the hide is used for leather. So if i was a sand shark i would stay at the bottom of the ocean.

By: Olivia Fenwick:)


Purple Pete!

Wednesday November 21st, 2012!

Today for my blog i am writing about a squirrel named Purple Pete. Purple Pete is a or as i should say was a brown squirrel and then he turned purple from chewing on printer-ink cartridges, then grooming his fur which made the ink on his tounge turn his fur purple. Teachers and pupils were amazed to see a purple squirrel outside their classrooms in southern England. Pete dug a hole in the dirt and got into a room where they stored old computers, thats how he got to the printer-ink cartridges.


By: Olivia Fenwick 🙂



The Walking Dead

Tuesday November 20th, 2012!

I watch a show called ” The Walking Dead ” with my brother and it’s kinda scary but not really. It’s about when the world ends because of a zombie apocalypse. A lot of people i know watch it. My favourite charactor is a girl named Michonne. She has pet zombies that she has on chains and makes them do what she wants them to do. Like zombie slaves but she cuts their teeth and arms off so they can’t hurt her or anybody else. She kills her pets in one episode becuase they were giving her spot away to the bad guys. You can watch this on Netflix or on t.v. when it comes on. It’s a really good show but i wouldn’t watch it if you hate scary movies. I use to hate scary movies but once i watched this i don’t really care anymore.

By: Olivia Fenwick:)







How to be a good friend?

Monday November 19th, 2012!


This week i am doing a blog on how to be a good friend. So here are 5 tips on how to be a good friend…

– If your friend needs to tell you something take the time to listen even if it’s something that isn’t bad. It could be bad for them.

– If you know something about your friend that somebody told you and it’s not nice. You could tell them or not tell them because it could cause drama or tell them if it’s something important and something that they need to know.

– Keep thier secrets. If your friend has told you a secret then you need to keep it even if someone asks what did she/he just tell you. Always keep secrets.

– Don’t ever talk behind your friends back because it can come back and bite you. If you talk behind your friends back and then go and hangout with them, your just as bad as the person who started to talk behind there back.

– In every friendship there are boundaries that have to be adhered to. If you cross them, it hurts the friendship, sometimes irreparably. So never ever cross the line because sometimes when you do it can be to late.

By: Olivia Fenwick!:)

Mosquitoes Come To Kill!

Friday November 16th, 2012!

DID YOU KNOW… That one day you could be outside playing soccer with a sibling or parent and you could get bit by a mosquito and then the next year you could be paralyzed and not doing anything like you could do before you got bit.

People say that there is really no specific treatment, medication, or cure for West Nile Virus. Serious cases are treated with supportive therapies to ease symptoms and prevent secondary infections. These cases may require hospital or nursing care.

West Nile Virus is mostly found in Africa. If you can cure find a cure for West Nile Virus then your recovery could take up to a few days or several weeks. But if it’s really bad then it could continue for a long long period of time.

Actually a lot of animals cause West Nile Virus, not just mosquitoes. Dogs,cats,domestic rabbits,chipmunks,skunks,bats, and certain types of squirrels cause West Nile Virus.


By: Olivia Fenwick



Friday November 16th, 2012!


Everybody goes through “ups and downs” in their lives. Sometimes we use the term “depression”, or “depressed” to describe these everyday feelings. Today for my blog i am going to be focusing on depression. A lot of people in this world deal with depression, it’s really hard to go through and it’s really hard to get it to go away. Some people say that it’s like a black hole that you can never escape. Anyways depression is a mental illness in your brain that causes a chemical in your brain to think horrible things about yourself. Some symptoms of depression are…

– Feelings of sadness and loss.

– Feelings of guilt and worthlessness.

– Changes in weight or appetite.

– Constantly feeling tired.

– Noticeable lack of motivation.

– Muscle and joint pain.

– Lack of interest in sex.

– Frequent headaches.

So if you are dealing with depression or know somebody who is tell them to get help so they can live there life instead of hiding in the shadows all the time.


By: Olivia Fenwick:)


Wednesday November 7th, 2012!


This week for my blog i am going to focus on something very serious and that is Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is something very serious it’s just like regular bullying but it’s over the internet instead of face to face. There is a movie called ” Cyberbully. ” It stars Emily Osmet, it’s amazing and really really sad. Anyways back to cyberbullying. Some people make fake accounts so nobody will no who you are, but sometimes people do no. You should never ever cyberbully sombody because it can lead to suicide and other things. So just think about things before you do them until it’s to late.

By: Olivia Fenwick