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Monday December 3rd, 2012!


Today i am writing a blog post on another blog post that i found… This particular blog is very touching and really sad in some parts. The three girls that write this blog are Hope, Faith, and Destiny. They write about there own life story’s and they also write about self harm and there friends and really touching and sad story’s. Some of there recent blog post’s are… Blessings,Drugs, and Dear Savior. Very good but as i said before sad blog’s. I found that Faith and Destiny write a lot about there life that is really sad, and i bet you if they could change one thing… That thing would be to have a wonderful life and take back every bad thing they did to harm there own body. The Drama Llamas blog is very depressing and touching, and they have a hard tough life, so next time your about to say something to them or someone else who has a life like that. Think twice because words hurt, a lot.

When i read this blog thing’s i liked about it were how they shared there emotions and spoke the truth and gave other people advice who have a life that’s similar to there life.

But there were some things i didn’t like… Which were they always wrote sad things and things that made there live horrible, maybe that’s all they had to write about, because maybe all there life has been horrible and hard. But i just hope that one day there will be a happy blog with a smile face in it. 🙂

I would recommend this blog to a type of person who likes sad and kinda scary things in life, and things about depression and heart felt stories that are true. But if your like me you will think… ” I wish i could have a life like there’s for a day and see how much pain there in all the time”. And put there life in mine so they could have a day of happiness and not worry about anything sad,scary, and heart felt thing’s.

P.S… So before you say stuff think because words really do hurt… A LOT! And they can lead to thing’s that you will not want to happen. <3





By: Olivia Fenwick<3